A Brief Timeline

  In 2015, Yohance debuted as the first Indie comic of its kind: an African Space Opera. It was a monumental moment for myself and Afro-Fantasy fans everywhere. It wasn't long before plans for a feature film emerged. Those plans turned into a short film and before you know it, an Indiegogo was successfully launched in 2018 (raising almost $14,000). 

Shortly after that, tragedy struck in the form of a 2-year Global Pandemic. It seemed like the dream was dead until 2022 when some passionate investors raised $150,000 to kickstart the Short film's production. Fast forward a few months later and we're proud to announce our first Official Yohance Short Film: "The Kalfani Job".

 Prelude to the Saga

 Directed by Paul Louise-Julie, Yohance hopes to fill the void of not having high fantasy & mythology aesthetically and culturally inspired exclusively by African Culture. This grandiose level of world-building is intended to entice a growing audience to become immersed in the fictional iKoro Universe.

The Kalfani Job tells the story of an elite operative dispatched to recover an ancient artifact. However, he soon finds that he isn't the only one searching for it. This swashbuckling adventure set in a photorealistic Afrofuturist alien world. The film takes place primarily on the aquatic planet of Kalfani. The events of the short film are an introduction to Yohance’s world before the Feature Film Trilogy.

Yohance: The Kalfani Job roars onto screens this Fall. Be sure to sign up to our Newsletter and not miss a thing. 

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